How to set up a job alert for your state

Step 1: You need to click on “Start” in the Pharmacists (or Support Staff) panel and log in. Step 2: You should now see your panel.  One of the areas on the panel is an Alerts Panel.  Click on Add Alert, or you can edit or delete an existing alert by hovering over it and clicking on the menu that appears below the title. Step 3:  Choose the options you need and click save.  You can choose the frequency you get your notifications also. Alternatively, you can set up an alert directly from the jobs board by selecting the options you desire, then clicking on “Alerts” or “RSS” on the hyperlink that appears and the search bar.

Isn’t easier to just pay the locum pharmacist their invoice?

Paying the locum pharmacist on an invoice provided by the locum can be a trap.  there are a few issues you need to consider before paying the invoice. Is the invoice coming from a company, partnership or trust?   Is the invoice coming from an "individual" with an ABN? Is superannuation included on the invoice? Should superannuation be paid on this invoice? The answer to the last two questions will depend on the first two questions.  Superannuation might be factored in to the hourly rate on an invoice, but it is not payable as such as a separate entity.   And - if it is factored in - if the locum pharmacist is an individual with an ABN number, then even if you pay that invoice you may be liable to pay superannuation again and on top of the whole invoice amount. Please see this blog post to have a look at some scenarios.

Options on how to get paid

Pharmacy SOS will only pay locums on the Pharmacy SOS Pay Roll.  Here is why. Pay roll is the easiest and fastest way to get paid. You get paid on a fortnightly basis with out having to wait for the pharmacy to pay nor have to chase any invoices.  You know you will be paid on the fortnight according to the payroll calendar.  To do so, please complete link in the confirmation email you received for your shift. If you would like to speak to an accountant to seek professional advice, please contact our preferred accountants, BNS Tax Consultants Pty Ltd.  (Direct link to this FAQ).

My pay was wrong, when can you fix it?

Some times we get it wrong!  If your pay is for some reason not accurately paid, please let us know immediately and we will have it fixed on our accounting software straight away. With the new STP reporting, it has become more difficult to fix up individual items as each pay roll needs to be submitted to the ATO.  This causes inefficiencies and potential errors become harder to pick up, causing delays at the end of the financial year.  So we ask that you kindly be patient until the next pay run for the correction to be made. (Direct link to this FAQ.)

Invoice Payments

You can pay your invoices in any of the following ways.  Please be sure to always include the invoice number in the description: Option Institutions Link/Details Credit Card Pay by Credit Card Bank Transfer Account Name: PSOS CONSULTING PTY LTD BSB: 939200 Account Number: 549721724  

Superannuation and Invoices

Superannuation law stipulates that when certain conditions are met, a person, even if sending an invoice for their work, will be considered an employee of the company for superannuation purposes and must therefore have superannuation paid according to the rules and regulations set. 

Will my pay be processed during the holidays?

YES!  We make sure pays are processed either on time, according to the Pay Roll Calendar, or beforehand.  Our priority is to ensure our locums get paid on time every time. Remember to fill in your time sheets promptly so we can process your pay.