Employer Terms and Conditions

Agreement for the Provision of Locum and Ongoing Recruitment Services

Pharmacy S.O.S is an agency responsible for the placement of locum, part time and full time pharmacists in the retail and hospital pharmacy industries.  The terms and conditions set out below for the locuming and permanent placement services of pharmacists and pharmacy staff and are deemed to be accepted and effective upon engagement of Pharmacy S.O.S services.  If any of these Terms are held by court to be unenforceable/illegal, that particular term will be severed from all other terms without affecting their validity.  Any changes to the Terms and Conditions on this page will need to be requested in writing and approved by a Director of Pharmacy S.O.S.


·        Daily Placement Fees: A successful placement of a locum pharmacist will incur a competitive daily finder’s fee. The fee is capped at 67 days placement where the same locum is booked in the same pharmacy for an extended period of time, and if paid on one invoice.  Please contact us for current fees.

·        Advertisement Costs:  All advertisement costs are covered by Pharmacy S.O.S, whether in print or online.

·        Selection: Pharmacy S.O.S will make recommendations as to who should fill a particular role based on the information provided to us by the candidates and/or the referees and on experience through feedback from previous placements.  We are not responsible for dishonest or inaccurate information provided to us, and the client accepts full responsibility for the selection of candidates.  Please refer to our guarantee section for the 100% Guarantee.

·        Subsequent Employment: The subsequent employment of an individual in any capacity within six (6) months after being last employed or introduced through Pharmacy S.O.S, as an employee or in any other capacity, and within any part of the clients organisation or affiliates, even if the introduction was made indirectly, will be subject to the fees as outlined by the Terms and Conditions.  This condition also applies where the candidate is engaged through its own resources or through another recruitment agency.

·        Confidentiality: All information exchanged during the course of engagement between the Client, The Pharmacist, Staff and Pharmacy S.O.S shall remain confidential unless prior permission is sought. Referees should not be contacted unless verbal or written consent from the candidate is sought in order to avoid potential breaches of the Privacy Act.  Should our introduction result in the engagement of a candidate in any other division of your organisation, liability for fees calculated according to the schedule outlined on this page will remain payable as if the candidate has been engaged by you.

·        Locum to Permanent: Temporary placements that result in a permanent opportunity, as an employee or in any other capacity, and within any part of the client’s organisation or affiliates, even if the introduction was made indirectly, will be subject to the fees as outlined by the Terms and Conditions.  Our full-time permanent placement fee is equal to the 67-day capped locum placement fee.

·        Notifications: You agree to notify us immediately if the any of the above situations occurs.

·        Employment after Termination:  If an employee introduced by Pharmacy S.O.S is re-employed or engaged with in six (6) months after the date of termination, the full fee in accordance with the fee schedule outlined is payable with no entitlement of a refund.

·        Cancellations: Pharmacy S.O.S operates on a fee-free cancellation policy for locum placements (except for discounted prepaid shifts booked online, see below).  Shifts can be cancelled at any time before the shift date.  We do ask, however, that sufficient notice is given (minimum 48 hours) so that employment opportunities for our candidates are not compromised.  Failure to do so will mean the Placement Fee will be charged and the locum compensated with three hours of the negotiated hourly rate as agreed at the time of booking, unless the client can offer an alternative shift to the locum with the same or better rates and within an acceptable distance of the initial booking.  Other exceptions to this may be granted at the absolute discretion of Pharmacy S.O.S.  This does not include shifts that have been booked and cancelled within the 48-hour time frame.

·        Reduction of hours: If a shift is confirmed, but within 48 hours of the shift start time, the hours required from the locum is reduced by 50% of the originally confirmed shift hours, and as a result, the locum cancels the shift, then the client may be liable for cancellation fees.

·        Rescheduled Dates: Pharmacy S.O.S operates on a fee-free reschedule policy.  Any confirmed shift rescheduled (change of date or time) for any reason by the client will not incur any administrative rescheduling fee.

·        Pro Rata and Advertisement: Permanent Full Time Pharmacist placement fees include advertising, interviewing, reference checks, registration credentials confirmed, and at the request of the employer, a police check.  Part time rates will be based on a pro rata basis (For example, a permanent two days per week will be 40% of the full placement fee).

·        Right to charge if position withdrawn: Pharmacy S.O.S reserves the right to charge a fee if work is undertaken and a shortlist of candidates is presented on a position that is subsequently withdrawn or cancelled.  This fee can be negotiated and will consist of recovery costs for time.

·        Responsibility of Client to Staff: The client agrees to have insurance, provide a safe working environment and provide sufficient training to all Pharmacy S.O.S staff as to be able to perform their duties as a pharmacist in a safe and legal manner. The client shall not impose opinions or actions upon the Pharmacy S.O.S pharmacist which may be in breach of the law relevant to the provision of pharmacy services (as per The Pharmacy Act, DPCS Act, Health Act, other relevant Acts, their Regulations and Guidelines).

·          Responsibility for Staff Safety: The client agrees to maintain appropriate insurance, provide a safe working environment, and ensure sufficient training for all Pharmacy S.O.S. staff to perform their duties as pharmacists safely and legally. The client shall not require the Pharmacy S.O.S. pharmacist to engage in any activities or express any opinions that may breach applicable laws, including but not limited to The Pharmacy Act, DPCS Act, Health Act, and other relevant regulations and guidelines.

·         Assumption of Risk: The client assumes all risks associated with the safety of the pharmacist while on their premises. Any incidents or accidents involving the pharmacist are the sole responsibility of the client. Should any claims be made against Pharmacy S.O.S. as the employer of the locum pharmacist, including through WorkCover, the cost of these claims will be passed on to the client in full, plus any applicable administrative fees as per our usual terms.


Please call 1300 505 247 for our current rates or email sos@pharmacysos.com.au.

Pharmacist Rates: The pharmacy agrees to pay the locum pharmacist in a timely manner and at a rate agreed at the time of booking.

Where Pharmacy S.O.S is responsible for the payment of the locum pharmacist through Pharmacy S.O.S pay roll system, a small administration fee, which includes all other legal liabilities such as WorkCover, will also be added to the rate.  These rates are as follows:

  1. The rates for pay roll are all inclusive of legal obligations and pay roll administration fees such as SCG, WorkCover, and all other legally required fees where they apply.
  2. We remain the most competitive on the market both in terms of locum rates and rates to the pharmacy under pay roll.  Where any competition can provide better rates with the same guarantees and service, we will match or beat that rate in order to maintain our business with you.  All you need to do is contact us and provide us with any form of written evidence.
  • All invoices are due 7 days from the date of issue.
  • Pharmacy S.O.S reserves the right to cancel all future shifts where the client has accounts overdue beyond 14 days or have exceeded the account limit without notice. Late fees will be applied to overdue accounts.
  • Failure to pay in full the invoice within these terms will invalidate all guarantees, promotional offers, discounts or credits.
  • Where promotional offers or credits were used, the placement fees will revert to the usual fee as described above.
  • In the event an overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, the client will be liable for all costs which would be incurred, including legal demand costs.
  • Discounted Online Bookings purchased that are prepaid are not cancellation fee-free if cancelled by the client but can be rescheduled free of charge where necessary as per normal.  (However if for some reason Pharmacy S.O.S cancels the shift or locum is unable to attend and a replacement is not found, the fees will be refunded in full.)

·        Locums/Temporary: All locum pharmacists are covered by a replacement guarantee where by if they are deemed to be not suitable for the position, despite best efforts, we will endeavor to find a suitable replacement in a timely manner.  For Fee waiver – see The 100% Guarantees below.  Please contact us within three days of the start of the placement if there is a need to replace a locum.

·        30 Day Guarantee on Permanent Placement: Permanent placements of pharmacists come with a 30 day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should the pharmacist or staff member resign, be terminated for any reason other than redundancy, relocation, retrenchment, a merger, or change in duties/job descriptions/working conditions, then Pharmacy S.O.S will endeavor to find a replacement pharmacist or staff member in a timely fashion.

·        Limited: The re-placement Guarantee is limited to FOUR (4) weeks from the date in which the termination occurs.  The client will not be entitled to a refund or credit in respect to any guarantee not exercised or undertaken but not fulfilled by Pharmacy S.O.S.  This guarantee is also limited to the initial placement and does not extend to a replacement and is valid only if all invoices have been paid within the terms on the invoice.


High Return on Your Guarantee:  We will ensure that our locum fees and placement fees remain competitive in line with the service we provide. If you find an alternative agent who can provide the same guarantees at a lower cost, please let us know and we will beat it again!

The Professional Locum Guarantee:  If for any reason you are not satisfied with our Locum Pharmacists, please notify us within 7 days with the reasons for your dissatisfaction and we may waive the placement fee.  Reasons for dissatisfaction may not be related to the correct professional conduct of the pharmacist, or involve asking the locum pharmacist to breach any guideline or law under which pharmacy is practiced. Refusal of the locum pharmacist to act on instructions to breach any guideline or law or act in an unprofessional many invalidates this, and all other, guarantees, and is not valid grounds for any refund or fee waiver.

2. Fee waiver:

A maximum of Three (3) days placement fees will be waived where any of the Guarantee clauses are triggered.

3. The “60 Minute Locum Service Or It’s FREE!” Guarantee
  • Business Hours: Locum requests must be made during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday).
  • Payroll Compliance: Payroll compliance is mandatory, locums must be paid using the Pharmacy SOS Pay Roll.
  • Multiple Shifts: For multiple shifts, associated placement fees will be waived, with a maximum limit of five (5) shifts.
  • Communication Method: Exclusively applicable to clients contacting us via phone (1300 505 247). Requests made by email, SMS, Telegram or any other means are not eligible.
  • Locum Securing: In the event that a locum is not secured within the sixty minutes following collection of information on the shift, the service will be provided free of charge upon locating a suitable candidate. In the unlikely event that no locum is found, placement fees cannot be redeemed, credited, or transferred to another shift.
  • Service Availability: Services are available within metropolitan regions only across Australia. Locum requests for rural or remote areas are not eligible.
  • Information Accuracy: All information provided must be complete and accurate. If any follow-up information needs to be provided, timer will restart at the point we confirm we have received this information.
  • Candidate Decline: The guarantee is no not applicable where a suitable candidate is declined by the client.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Locum Pharmacists Terms and Conditions

    • You must notify us of all placements that occur with a business and any of its affiliates/organisation where we have initially introduced you for a position, whether short or long term, temporary, contract or permanent basis, full time or part time.  Notifications can be made in writing through email, contact us form or in writing via post.
    • Locum pharmacists agree to conduct their work in a professional manner in line with all guidelines from the PDL and in line with current best practices.  These include PSA and Pharmacy Guild guidelines.
    • All new shifts booked directly through the pharmacy after the initial introduction of yourself to the pharmacy through Pharmacy S.O.S must be notified in writing within 7 days of the request.  This can be via email to sos@pharmacysos.com.au.
    • You agree to contact the pharmacy before the shift to organise keys, codes, and for any handover information required so that you are fully prepared for the shift.  Please note some shifts have been cancelled simply because the locum pharmacist did not contact the pharmacy in a timely manner.  Please ensure you fulfil this task.
    • Follow all legislative and Pharmacy Board requirements (E.g. Emergency supplies, Drug of Dependence, etc legislation and regulations).  The PDL has Guide To Good Dispensing which should be followed.
    • Ensure you have appropriate insurance paid for.
    • Arrive on time.  Give yourself enough leeway for traffic and delays in public transport.
    • Always use a scanner after stock selection as part of your dispensing procedure (PDL Requirement).
    • Use current pharmacy procedures and staff knowledge to your advantage.
    • Leave the pharmacy in a clean and tidy state, leaving note for the next day as a handover.
    • Leave the pharmacy in a clean and tidy state, leaving note for the next day as a handover.
    • Cancellations I: If for an appropriate reason you must cancel a shift, you must give sufficient notice.
    • Cancellations II: Where a shift is cancelled by the pharmacy and you are not notified of the cancellation at least 24 hours before the start of your shift, you will be compensated with three hours pay of the negotiated hourly rate as agreed at the time of booking, unless we offer an alternative shift to you with the same or better rates and within an acceptable distance of the initial booking.  Exceptions to this may be granted at the absolute discretion of Pharmacy S.O.S.  This does not include shifts that have been booked and cancelled within a 48-hour time frame.
    • Follow the above procedures.  A happy client is a return client.  And they will ask for specific locums next time they call if they have a pleasant experience with you.
Code of Conduct 
  1. Punctuality: Locum pharmacists must arrive on time for their shift and ensure that they are ready to begin work promptly. If they are late, they must inform the store and pharmacy S.O.S as soon as possible.
  2. Professionalism: Locum pharmacists are expected to behave professionally and courteously towards all customers, colleagues, and other healthcare professionals. Personal use of mobile phones should be limited to emergencies only. More information on this here.
  3. Appearance: Locum pharmacists must present a neat and clean appearance, adhering to any dress code guidelines provided by the pharmacy. If the pharmacy requires you to wear a uniform, such as a white lab coat or a name tag, you are expected to adhere to this uniform. Appropriate footwear should also be taken into consideration, and under no circumstances are thongs or other unprotected footwear tolerated. More information on this here.
  4. Confidentiality: Locum pharmacists must respect patient confidentiality and maintain the privacy of any personal health information.
  5. Accuracy: Locum pharmacists must be accurate in their work, ensuring that prescriptions are dispensed correctly and that all medication is labelled and stored appropriately.
  6. Compliance: Locum pharmacists must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements related to the practice of pharmacy, including licensing.
  7. Dispensary software: Locum pharmacists must have sufficient knowledge and experience in using the pharmacies chosen dispensary software to efficiently and accurately process prescriptions and maintain pharmacy records.
  8. Communication: Locum pharmacists must communicate effectively with customers and healthcare professionals, providing clear and accurate information and answering any questions or concerns. This includes answering phone calls when required.
  9. Safety: Locum pharmacists must prioritize the safety of all customers and colleagues, ensuring that medication is dispensed and stored safely and that any potential hazards are addressed promptly.
  10. Job expectations: Locum pharmacists must carry out any work requested from them that generally falls under the job description of a pharmacist, including providing advice on medication usage and potential side effects, conducting medication reviews, checking age care packs, and identifying potential drug interactions.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Medication Reviews And Consultancy

Home Medication Review (HMR) Services

  1. Confidentiality and Privacy
    1.1. Any Home Medication Review (HMR) conducted through Pharmacy SOS shall remain strictly confidential and handled in accordance with our confidentiality and privacy policies.
    1.2. The HMR consultant is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of all patient information obtained during the course of conducting an HMR, adhering to applicable privacy laws and regulations.
  2. Referral Fees
    2.1. HMRs sourced from clients and referred to the consultant by Pharmacy SOS shall be subject to a referral fee.
    2.2. The referral fee is payable to Pharmacy SOS upon completion of the interview and submission of the HMR report by the consultant.
  3. Turnaround Time
    3.1. The HMR consultant is responsible for completing each referral within a reasonable time frame as specified by Pharmacy SOS.
    3.2. In the event that the consultant anticipates being unable to complete the HMR within the specified time frame, immediate communication with Pharmacy SOS is required to make necessary arrangements.
  4. Compliance with Policies
    4.1. The HMR consultant agrees to comply with all Pharmacy SOS policies, including but not limited to the confidentiality and privacy policies.
    4.2. Non-compliance with policies may result in termination of the consultancy agreement.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.