Thank you for choosing to use Pharmacy S.O.S.

We are dedicated to providing you with fast, efficient service that is fun and pleasant to use.  If you have not registered with Pharmacy S.O.S yet, please register using the form below.

How to BEST benefit from our services:

  • Make sure you keep us up to date with your information.  Update us with your resumes, address, where you prefer to work and expected rate of pay etc.  If your circumstances change, please let us know so we can serve you better.
  • Update us on your availability so we can be aware of any changes.
  • Once you have registered, be sure to follow us on Telegram.
  • Look out for SMS, email and Telegram notifications (SEE BELOW) and RESPOND fast.
  • By calling us, you increase your chances of getting shifts.  But we understand that while working, it may be difficult to do so.  Replying by SMS, Telegram or email will also yield the same result.

GOOD LUCK, we hope you enjoy using our services.

Here are our Telegram channel links:

Join our Pharmacy SOS channel(s) relevant to you to be notified of shifts.   Simply click on the link below and “Join” the channel.
Remember… you can choose a particular sound notification to be sure to know that when we send you a shift, you know its important.  Do so by clicking on the name of the channel once you join, and select “Notifications and Sounds”.
For VIC, please join
For NSW, please join
For QLD, please join
For WA, please join
Thank you and welcome to our channel.

(Last Updated on September 1, 2022)