Isn’t easier to just pay the locum pharmacist their invoice?

Paying the locum pharmacist on an invoice provided by the locum can be a trap.  there are a few issues you need to consider before paying the invoice. Is the invoice coming from a company, partnership or trust?   Is the invoice coming from an "individual" with an ABN? Is superannuation included on the invoice? Should superannuation be paid on this invoice? The answer to the last two questions will depend on the first two questions.  Superannuation might be factored in to the hourly rate on an invoice, but it is not payable as such as a separate entity.   And - if it is factored in - if the locum pharmacist is an individual with an ABN number, then even if you pay that invoice you may be liable to pay superannuation again and on top of the whole invoice amount. Please see this blog post to have a look at some scenarios.

Invoice Payments

You can pay your invoices in any of the following ways.  Please be sure to always include the invoice number in the description: Option Institutions Link/Details Credit Card Pay by Credit Card Bank Transfer Account Name: PSOS CONSULTING PTY LTD BSB: 939200 Account Number: 549721724  

How does Pharmacy SOS work out the hourly rate for pharmacists?

Pharmacy SOS is the most competitive on the market today, paying locums more than other agencies while charging pharmacies, making the process of locuming a much more pleasant experience for both the locum and the employer.  One of the more common questions we get is what the the break down of the hourly rates when we pay our locum pharmacists... however as they change from time to time it is best you contact us for this information. Pharmacy SOS can provide pay roll service for the payment of all locum pharmacists through Pharmacy SOS pay roll system.   The rates for payroll are all inclusive of legal obligations and pay roll administration fees such as Superannuation Contribution Guarantee (SCG), WorkCover, and payroll tax (e.g. for Victoria see SRO website), plus GST (see terms and conditions). We remain the most competitive on the market.  Where any competition can provide lower rates with the same guarantees and service, we will match or beat that rate in order to maintain our business with you.  All you need to do is contact us and provide us with any form of written evidence.

When will a new position be advertised?

In the first instance, we approach our current pharmacist databases and website in order to determine if a suitable candidate is available for any full time or part time positions you advertise with us.  If we need to further advertise, we will then advertise externally on online sites at no extra cost to you.

What is “Sham Contracting”?

It is important to understand the laws and regulations around contracting if you choose to invoice the pharmacy.  A document by the ATO will clearly explain this. Advice from your accountant is recommended.The article can be downloaded here: Sham Contracting.Pharmacy SOS will not provide any legal or tax advice in relation to this as it is beyond the scope of our abilities to do so, and we are not licensed to do so.

What happens if the pharmacist is not suitable?

As long as all invoices are up to date and paid on time, Pharmacy SOS will look after a replacement for you as soon as possible at no extra cost as per our Terms and Conditions.  If you are not satisfied with a locum placement, please notify us with in 72 hours of commencement.Note our fee waiver is covered for the first 72 hours, which we believe is enough time to determine if the candidate is not suitable.