Reminder that new locum pharmacist rates starting 4th April

Increased locum rates to reflect market rates

The past 12 months has been challenging for the business community, and especially so for pharmacies and locum pharmacists.  

The so-called omicron waves and rules that have come and gone in different parts of the country in relation to the virus has added significant stress to the nation and especially the business community.  Some have decided to leave the locuming industry, while others have left pharmacy all together.

Pharmacy SOS along with a strong team of locums have continued to support businesses where needed despite those difficulties, and we thank you for trusting Pharmacy SOS to be the one to provide a full, comprehensive locuming service for you. 

Upon reflection on the standard and recommended rates paid for locums, from Monday 4th April 2022, there will be new “standard” rates applied to all shifts booked from now on. 

The standard weekday rate will now be $55+Superannuation paid according to SCG.

Speaking of which, from 1st July 2022, superannuation will be paid regardless of the monthly income paid. IE Even if the monthly income was less than $450, superannuation of 10% will still apply and be paid on a quarterly basis. 

All other rates will also increase accordingly.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 505 247 or

Remember, we do NOT have cancellation fees so you can plan your holidays and breaks today and if anything goes wrong, you can cancel with no fees (within 48hrs of the shift).

This is a reminder that these rates will kick in on the 4th of April for newly booked shifts after which the newsletter was sent (22 Feb).

Call us today to enquire!!  

Pay roll service

You will be surprised at how much easier it is to not have to worry about superannuation, WorkCover insurance, pay roll taxes etc when hiring a locum.  Just because they have an ABN does NOT mean that you do not have to pay these obligations or with hold their PAYG.  More information on our unmasking the truth blog.

(Last Updated on March 25, 2023)