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In a world where innovation reigns supreme, it’s essential to strike the perfect balance between technological advancements and genuine human interaction. Last year, we introduced Ruby, the AI chatbot, to streamline your experience with Pharmacy SOS. But as we ventured down this path, we discovered that Ruby lacked the personal touch we’re known for. So, after careful consideration, we’ve decided to retire Ruby and embrace a more human-centric approach.

Have you used a locum pharmacist recently? You should know this…

If you’ve recently engaged a locum pharmacist, you understand the importance of relying on a reputable and licensed agency. Some have attempted to cut corners by resorting to social media for staffing, leaving their business vulnerable to unknown individuals.

Enter Pharmacy SOS: a licensed, dependable, and round-the-clock service tailored to meet your locum needs.

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Do I Need an ABN as a Locum? The Simplified Guide to Locum Work and Payroll

Navigating the complexities of locum pharmacy work often raises the question: Do I need an ABN? The answer, while seemingly straightforward, reveals a deeper narrative about employment, taxation, and the burdens faced by pharmacies. Opting for payroll through services like Pharmacy SOS not only simplifies the payment process but also ensures compliance and reduces administrative headaches. This model benefits both pharmacies and locums, offering a streamlined approach that prioritizes efficiency and legal clarity. Embrace a future where locum work is synonymous with simplicity, security, and satisfaction, all made possible by embracing payroll solutions designed for the modern healthcare landscape.

60 Minute Locum Service Or It's FREE!

Return of the Revolutionary ’60 Minute Locum Service Or It’s FREE!’ Guarantee”

Discover excellence in pharmacy staffing with the return of Pharmacy S.O.S.’s “60 Minute Locum Service Or It’s FREE!” guarantee. Originally launched in 2009, this innovative initiative ensures your urgent staffing needs are met promptly. Book your shifts hassle-free, and within 60 minutes, we promise to secure a suitable locum for you. Should we fall short of this commitment, your placement fees are waived – a risk-free assurance. Plus, enjoy the flexibility of a cancellation fee-free policy if plans change with over 48 hours’ notice. Trust Pharmacy S.O.S. to redefine reliability and peace of mind in locum support. Call us 24/7 at 1300 505 247.

The Pitfalls of Unlicensed Locum Recruitment: A Cautionary Tale

A cautionary tale of a Victorian company fined for engaging unlicensed labour providers. In the intricate world of locum recruitment, Pharmacy SOS emerges as a beacon of compliance, offering swift access to qualified candidates while mitigating legal risks. Choose the secure path—contact Pharmacy SOS for reliable and compliant staffing solutions.

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Locum Excellence: Most Comprehensive Locuming Guide For 2024

Embarking on a journey as a locum pharmacist offers a unique set of opportunities and challenges. To help you navigate this exciting career path with Pharmacy SOS, we present a step-by-step guide to ensure your success. From deciding if locuming is right for you to mastering the intricacies of the process, this guide covers it all. Let's dive into each crucial step to unlock the full potential of your locum career: STEP 1: Decide The realm of pharmacy careers presents a perpetual dilemma for professionals: the choice between the steadfast assurance of a permanent role and the adventurous autonomy of a locum pharmacist career. As pharmacists navigate this crossroad, the discourse surrounding Permanent vs. Locum Pharmacy Careers continues to evolve.  The first step to success is to decide to become a locum pharmacist, have a permanent role with a single employer, or somewhere in between.  To help you decide, we have written these blogs for you: In Search of the Ideal: Career Choice Pros and Cons: Part 1 – Locuming In Search of the Ideal: Career Choice Pros and Cons: Part 2 – Permanent Roles Step 2 - Register Whether you want to stay up to date with current job trends, looking for permanent roles or want to start locuming, you can create a log in with pharmacy SOS here “Pharmacist Panel”. Step 3 - Credentials Once you have logged in, click on the credentials link to fill in your details such as registration number and banking details. Step 4 - Telegram While we use a number of different mediums, Telegram (download from Google Play or Apple Store, or directly from here) is our choice when it comes to notifications of new openings because of the speed we can get information out to you.  Everything on the websites job portal is reflected on the Telegram channel relevant to the state you choose to join, so you can focus on the jobs more relevant to your location.  Here are our Telegram channels. Step 5 - Save Our details Make sure you book mark our website for quick access and save our ...

In Search of the Ideal: Career Choice Pros and Cons: Part 2 – Permanent Roles

Embarking on a permanent pharmacy role offers a sense of security and stability. Waking up each day with a known workplace ensures a comforting routine. The regular and stable paychecks provide financial security, eliminating the uncertainties associated with varied locum incomes. Building a reputation within a team fosters professional growth, leading to a cohesive work environment. Read Part 1 of this series Career Choice Pros and Cons: Part 1 – Locuming Pros: Job Security and Stability: A guaranteed position and a consistent work routine contribute to peace of mind and financial stability. Predictable Income: Regular paychecks bring financial predictability, enabling better financial planning and peace of mind. Team Integration: Forming lasting connections with colleagues fosters a supportive and collaborative work environment. Career Growth Within One Setting: The chance to become an expert in a specific field and grow within the organization offers long-term career prospects. Established Work-Life Balance: Over time, permanent positions may allow for a more established work-life balance, providing a sense of routine and predictability to personal life. Investment in Training: Employers in permanent positions may invest in ongoing training and professional development, enhancing the pharmacist's skill set and contributing to career growth. Cons: Limited Exposure: Remaining in one place limits exposure to diverse work environments, hindering the potential for varied experiences. Limited Flexibility: Permanent roles may come with a fixed schedule, limiting flexibility for pharmacists who prefer more control over their work hours or wish to explore alternative work arrangements. Restricted Opportunities: The absence of diverse settings can restrict opportunities to explore different pharmacy practices.  Remaining in one permanent position might result in a limited scope of professional diversity, as pharmacists may miss out on the chance to work with a broad range of patients, conditions, and healthcare teams that locum positions often offer. Lower Per-Hour Pay: While the pay may be stable, the per-hour rate could be lower compared to locum positions, impacting overall earning potential. Stagnation Risk: Staying in one work environment for an extended period poses the risk of professional stagnation and adaptability challenges. Read Part 1 of this series Career Choice Pros and ...