Pharmacy SOS Now Licensed for Labour Hire in Queensland

Queensland introduced a mandatory licensing regime for providers of labour hire services on April 16th, 2018. Any businesses offering labour hire services in Queensland must now be licensed by the Labour Hire Authority in that state, and all businesses hiring labour, such as locum pharmacists, are required to use a licensed agency.

Pharmacy SOS is pleased to announce that it has been granted a license to operate in Queensland, which can be viewed here.  Our licence number is LHL-07092-R1Z6W.

For community and hospital pharmacies needing locum services, it is important to consider several key issues, such as how the locum pharmacist will be paid, whether they are an employee or contractor, and what tax obligations the business may have. In most cases, locum pharmacists are considered employees by the Australian Taxation Office, which means that if they provide an invoice, the business will have PAYG and superannuation obligations, creating a significant amount of paperwork.  

Just because a locum pharmacist gives the employer an invoice with an ABN does not mean that the locum is now a contractor.  In fact, this exposes the employer to a number of issues and potentially cost the employer more than anticipated!  See this blog post for more information on why a locum pharmacist is an employee and not a contractor, and the issue of Sham Contracting – “Unmasking The Truth.

Using a licensed agency like Pharmacy SOS can help alleviate these concerns, as the agency can provide payroll services for the locum pharmacist. This means that the business no longer needs to worry about preparing pay slips, paying salaries and benefits, calculating and paying superannuation, or dealing with Payroll Tax and WorkCover. Instead, the business can focus on managing its operations.

For pharmacies that already have their own locums and only need a payroll service, Pharmacy SOS can offer a payroll-only option for Queensland pharmacies. This service can help businesses comply with the new regulations and reduce paperwork.

It is essential for locums to ensure they are being paid correctly and in accordance with the rules set by the ATO and Labour Hire Authority in Queensland. By working with a licensed agency like Pharmacy SOS, locums can have peace of mind that their entitlements will be paid on time, and that the agency meets all its obligations in a timely manner.

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(Last Updated on March 3, 2023)