Locums, Get Ready to Shine: Follow These Essential Steps for a Successful Shift with Pharmacy S.O.S!

At Pharmacy S.O.S, we take pride in providing a high-quality service to our clients, and as a locum pharmacist, you play a vital role in achieving this. To ensure professional service, we have a set of basic instructions that we ask all our locums to adhere to. These procedures are designed to help you deliver exceptional service to the clients and patients you serve. By following these procedures, you will not only achieve higher rates of satisfaction but also build a positive reputation that will keep clients coming back for more. 

Remember also that our service is 100% guaranteed, so we too have an interest in ensuring professional service. By following these procedures, higher rates of satisfaction are achieved.  So, let’s dive into these essential procedures and how they can help you excel as a locum pharmacist with Pharmacy S.O.S.:

1. Please contact the pharmacy today or ASAP. Do not wait until just before the shift. Many shifts have been cancelled as a result. Please organise keys, codes, and for any handover information required so that you are fully prepared for the shift.

2. Please follow all legislative and Pharmacy Board requirements (E.g. Emergency supplies, Drug of Dependence, etc legislation and regulations). The PDL has Guide To Good Dispensing which should be followed. Ensure you have appropriate PDL insurance paid for.

3. Please arrive on time. Give yourself enough leeway for traffic and delays in public transport. Always use a scanner after stock selection as part of your dispensing procedure (PDL Requirement).

4. Please use current pharmacy procedures and staff knowledge to your advantage. Leave the pharmacy in a clean and tidy state, leaving note for the next day as a handover.

5. Follow the above procedures. A happy client is a return client. And they will ask for specific locums next time they call if they have a pleasant experience with you. and finally

6. Please enjoy your shift(s)!

It’s worth noting that we also include all of these instructions in the confirmation emails we send out as a reminder. Following these procedures will help ensure that you have a successful and enjoyable locum experience.

(Last Updated on March 19, 2023)