When we pay wages, time sheet errors, and cut off times for time sheets.

When will I get paid?

We pay fortnightly.  Please check the pay roll calendar out for the next pay run.  We also make every intention on paying superannuation on a monthly basis so you do not have to wait a whole quarter (and a bit) to get your super working for you.  This is unlike many others who prefer to hold on to your funds for as long as possible. 

There was a mistake in my entry, how do I correct it?

You can click on “Edit Response” at the bottom of your time sheet confirmation email and re-submit the time sheet.  However, this is time restricted so please do so ASAP, or let us know by reply email. 

What is the cut off time?

Cut off times are 6pm fortnightly on Fridays.  Submitting time sheets after that time means they will be processed in the next pay run.  Sometimes we have a different cut off due to public holidays, so be sure to look for any messages regarding this on the telegram channel of your state. 

I want to use my own invoice as I have an ABN.  Why won’t you allow that?

Simply having an ABN is not a reason to be able to invoice according to the ATO.  We have written extensively on this issue on our blog, and invoicing when you should not may mean you are “sham contracting.  Please visit our blog for more information.

You can also visit our FAQ section for other commonly asked questions. 

The Team at Pharmacy SOS

(Last Updated on October 22, 2022)