The Pitfalls of Unlicensed Locum Recruitment: A Cautionary Tale

In the ever-evolving landscape of locum recruitment, the consequences of engaging unlicensed labour providers are starkly illustrated in recent legal actions. It is imperative for pharmacies to recognize the risks involved in unregulated recruitment practices, especially when the alternative—hiring through licensed agency Pharmacy SOS—offers a more secure and compliant solution.

The Legal Ramifications:

The repercussions for engaging unlicensed labour providers are exemplified by a Victorian company, Honey Bunny Global Pty Ltd, and its director. Fined a total of $264,352 for involving seven unlicensed labour hire providers, this case emphasizes the need for stringent adherence to labour hire regulations.

Why Licensed Locum Providers Matter:

As a licensed labour hire agency, Pharmacy SOS stands as a beacon of reliability and compliance. Unlike unlicensed providers or using unreliable tools, our agency ensures that every locum pharmacist in our pool is vetted, reducing the risk of legal entanglements for pharmacies. 


You can check to see if the agency, website, or application you are requesting locum pharmacists through is licensed in your state here:

For Victoria: Labour Hire Licence Register in Victoria.

For Queensland: Labour Hire License Register in Queensland.

The Pharmacy SOS Advantage:

  1. Access to Qualified Candidates: Pharmacy SOS provides a vast pool of qualified and screened locum pharmacists, eliminating the need for pharmacies to gamble on unverified talent.
  2. Flexibility in Staffing Solutions: Offering tailored solutions for temporary, part-time, or full-time staffing needs, Pharmacy SOS aligns with your pharmacy’s requirements without compromising compliance.
  3. Reduced Costs and Administrative Burden: By outsourcing recruitment to Pharmacy SOS, pharmacies minimize administrative overheads and can focus on core operations, avoiding the pitfalls of engaging unlicensed individuals.
  4. Compliance and Risk Management: Pharmacy SOS ensures strict compliance with industry regulations, mitigating the risk of liability. Our commitment covers WorkCover, Super, PAYG and Pay Roll Revenue obligations, offering pharmacies peace of mind.
  5. Swift Time to Hire: Leveraging our extensive database, Pharmacy SOS expedites the hiring process, offering a faster and more efficient alternative to traditional methods.


In a realm where legal scrutiny is intensifying, the prudent choice for pharmacies is to steer clear of unlicensed locum recruitment. Pharmacy SOS emerges as the beacon of compliance and reliability, safeguarding pharmacies from legal complications and offering efficient, cost-effective, and compliant staffing solutions. Make the smart choice—contact Pharmacy SOS on 1300 505 247 or today to fortify your pharmacy’s staffing strategy.

(Last Updated on February 8, 2024)