Simplify HMRs: Trust Pharmacy SOS for Seamless HMR – Medication Management Solutions!

At Pharmacy SOS, we understand the challenges involved in managing multiple medications. That’s why we are thrilled to offer our Home Medicines Review (HMR) service, designed to optimize medication use and ensure the safety of your patients. With our expertise and dedication to patient care, we aim to streamline the HMR process, provide comprehensive reports, and facilitate effective communication between healthcare providers. Read on to discover how you can send your HMR referrals to Pharmacy SOS for a seamless and efficient experience.

Send Your HMR Referrals to Pharmacy SOS:

To access our specialized HMR service, simply send us your referrals via fax on 1300 204 656 or contact us through phone at 1300 505 247 or email at Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in optimizing medication management and delivering exceptional care to your patients.

Understanding Home Medicines Reviews:

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) involves an accredited pharmacist assessing the medications an individual takes at home. This comprehensive review ensures medication safety and effectiveness by evaluating medication adherence and identifying any issues or potential improvements. HMRs promote collaboration between healthcare professionals, including doctors, pharmacists, and other relevant team members, to provide holistic care and optimize patient outcomes.

The Benefits of Home Medicines Reviews:

  1. Medication Safety: HMRs help identify potential risks, interactions, and issues related to medication use. By addressing these concerns, we contribute to improving patient safety and minimizing adverse events.
  2. Medication Optimization: Through a detailed assessment of medication regimens, HMRs ensure that patients are taking their medications correctly and that the prescribed medications align with their specific needs. Our reports provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations to enhance medication management.
  3. Patient-Centered Care: By conducting HMRs, we educate patients about their medications and empower them to make informed decisions regarding their healthcare. HMRs also consider the patient’s home environment and individual preferences, promoting a personalized approach to medication management.

The Pharmacy SOS Difference:

  1. Reliable and Efficient Process: When you send your HMR referrals to Pharmacy SOS, you can trust in our prompt and professional handling of the reviews. We prioritize accuracy, confidentiality, and timely communication to ensure a seamless experience.
  2. Comprehensive Reports and Actionable Recommendations: Our HMR reports are tailored to the individual patient, providing detailed findings and practical recommendations for medication optimization. We strive to deliver comprehensive insights that enable healthcare providers to make informed decisions.
  3. Collaborative Care: At Pharmacy SOS, we value interprofessional communication and partnerships. We welcome your feedback, ensuring that the HMR process aligns with your preferences and requirements. Together, we can enhance patient care and achieve better health outcomes.

At Pharmacy SOS, we specialize in optimizing medication management through our Home Medicines Review (HMR) service. By sending your HMR referrals to us via fax on 1300 204 656 or contacting us through phone at 1300 505 247 or email at, you gain a reliable partner committed to delivering comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations. Together, we can make a positive impact on patient health and promote medication safety. Trust Pharmacy SOS for streamlined HMR services and exceptional care.

Remember, sending your HMR referrals to Pharmacy SOS is the first step towards enhanced medication management and improved patient outcomes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist your pharmacy or medical practice in providing exceptional care through our specialized HMR services.

(Last Updated on June 26, 2023)