Should I upload a photo when I apply? What are some do’s and don’t’s?

Yes!  Uploading a professional, passport style or similar head shot is a good idea.

However, it is only optional and is not distributed to employers…. it is however, used to gauge how you represent yourself.  Here are some hints:

  1. DO take a professional photo, it does not have to be expensive, a home camera is fine but ensure it represents you as a professional.
  2. DO wear appropriate clothing.
  3. DO look sharp and focused.
  4. DO ensure that your photo represents you. 
  5. DO Have a plain background.  We want you to be the focus.
  6. DO NOT take selfies.
  7. DO NOT post holiday shots with lovely backgrounds.  These are interesting but will not serve the purpose.
  8. DO NOT take shots in the shower, bathroom, or in a group of people.  (Yes, we get those occasionally!).
  9. DO NOT wear casual or party clothing (for example singlets or gowns).  A suite, white coat, or formal wear is appropriate.

Some of these may be stating the obvious… but the obvious sometimes needs to be stated :).

(Last Updated on September 1, 2022)