Cancellations Part 2: Counting Down Top Terrible Excuses For Shift Cancellations

Communication is key when it comes to canceling a shift for any reason. It is of utmost importance that you promptly notify your employer, client, and the locum agency involved if booked through an agency, about the cancellation. This allows everyone enough time to make alternative arrangements swiftly and ensures a seamless transition. Remember, time is of the essence in these situations, so act promptly to keep everyone informed and maintain a smooth workflow.

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Welcome back to the second part of our blog post series on shift cancellations. In this instalment, we shift our focus to the inappropriate reasons that can compromise professionalism and commitment. While we understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, it is crucial to distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable justifications for cancelling a shift. By adhering to professional standards, we ensure the continuity of patient care and uphold the integrity of our profession…. and avoid a disgruntled client who might end up with out a pharmacist unexpectedly for a reason that is not really acceptable!!

Let’s countdown some inappropriate reasons we have come across:

7. Social Events:

Social events, such as parties, concerts, or gatherings, can be exciting and tempting to attend. However, once you have accepted a shift, it is important to honor your commitment. Proper planning and consideration of work commitments should have been done beforehand to avoid the need for cancellation due to social events.

6. Personal Travel Plans:

Traveling is a wonderful experience, but it should be organized and scheduled with work commitments in mind. Cancelling a shift due to personal travel plans suggests a lack of responsibility and lack of appropriate time management skills and can disrupt the workflow within the client’s pharmacy. Proper time management and coordination of personal and professional obligations are crucial in maintaining professionalism.

5. Non-Emergency Personal Errands:

Running personal errands during scheduled work hours is inappropriate and can compromise patient care. It is essential to prioritize professional commitments and manage personal tasks outside of working hours, or set certain days where you do not accept shifts in order to conduct personal errands. Rescheduling or delegating non-urgent personal errands ensures the smooth functioning of the pharmacy.

4. Non-Work Related Commitments:

While personal interests and hobbies are important, they should not overshadow professional responsibilities. Cancelling a shift for non-work-related commitments, such as engaging in personal projects or participating in social clubs, demonstrates a lack of commitment and professionalism. Balancing personal and professional pursuits is key to maintaining a successful pharmacy career.

3. Personal Convenience:

Cancelling a shift for personal convenience is an inappropriate reason that can have negative consequences for your colleagues, patients, and the overall workflow. It is essential to prioritize your professional responsibilities and fulfil the commitments you have made to your employer or locuming agency. Cancelling a shift for personal convenience without a valid and urgent reason can disrupt the continuity of patient care and place additional burdens on your colleagues who may have to cover for you. It is crucial to demonstrate professionalism by honoring your obligations and considering the impact of your actions on others.

2. Pursuing Higher Paying Shifts:

We know it is tempting… but cancelling a shift to pursue a higher paying opportunity elsewhere, especially after accepting the initial shift, is considered unprofessional and disrespectful to your employer, colleagues, and patients. Accepting a shift means committing to fulfil the assigned duties and provide quality care during the scheduled hours. By cancelling for a higher paying shift, you compromise the trust and reliability expected in the locuming profession. It is important to carefully evaluate your availability and commitments before accepting any shifts to avoid potential conflicts or the need for last-minute cancellations.

And the top terrible reason is….

1. Forgetting a Shift:

One of the most inappropriate reasons to cancel a shift is forgetting it or failing to keep an accurate record of your scheduled shifts. While we all have moments of forgetfulness, it is essential to maintain effective organizational skills and ensure you have a reliable system to track your commitments. Forgetting a shift can lead to significant disruptions in the pharmacy’s workflow, requiring last-minute adjustments and potentially compromising patient care.

To avoid this situation, it is crucial to prioritize your shift schedule and develop good habits of recording your shifts promptly. Utilize tools such as digital calendars, reminders, or even traditional paper diaries to keep track of your obligations. Make it a habit to review and double-check your schedule regularly to minimize the risk of forgetting a shift. Remember, being accountable and reliable in your professional commitments is a fundamental aspect of being a pharmacist.

Maintaining professionalism and commitment in the pharmacy profession is of utmost importance. Inappropriate reasons for canceling a shift can have adverse effects on patient care, team dynamics, and your professional reputation. By recognizing and avoiding these reasons, we uphold the values of our profession and contribute to a reliable and efficient healthcare system.

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