I registered as a pharmacist but I am not getting any notifications via SMS or email?

We need to manually enter all registrants in to our system. This is because we check who is registering with us to ensure they are qualified pharmacists. This may take a few days.

There are other reasons why you may not be getting an SMS:

  1. We generally reserve SMS as a last resort.
  2. Emails, facebook, web push, Telegram and twitter are reliable forms of communication.  We prefer Telegram.
  3. Make sure we are in your address book. That way we wont be mistaken for spam!
  4. Did you register with the right details? Sometimes the wrong details are registered in to our system. Give us a call to double check.
  5. We also work on feedback from employers. Positive feedback plays a significant role in call you back specifically for new shifts… The better the feedback, the more shifts you get.

Keep in touch. By keeping us up to date with your available days we can contact you directly when we know shifts suit your calendar!

(Last Updated on September 1, 2022)